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What is Type SOOW Cable

What is Type SOOW Cable

Type SOOW Cable Description
Heavy-duty service, particularly where cutting
oils, hydraulic fluids or other oil/chemicals are
present and/or where superior flexing

UL listed
Meets UL cold bend test at -35°

Type SOOW Cable Construction
Flexible stranded copper conductors with separator
and color coded oil and flame resistant thermosetting
elastomer fillers, and overall heavy duty
thermosetting polymer jacket.
Oil and flame resistant thermosetting
elastomer insulation.

Temperature Rating 105°
Voltage Rating SOOW-A-600 V
SJOOW-A – 300 V

Type SOOW Cable Application:
For production lines and extra hard use in process industries and other manufacturing facilities ; garages, portable lights, battery chargers, portable stage lights, heavy tools; equipment exposed to oil/chemicals, severe flexing and other tough environmental conditions

SOOW 18/2 18 2 16/30 0.030″ 0.060″ 0.35″ 67
SOOW 18/3 18 3 16/30 0.030″ 0.060″ 0.37″ 84
SOOW 18/4 18 4 16/30 0.030″ 0.060″ 0.39″ 98
SOOW 18/5 18 5 16/30 0.030″ 0.060″ 0.47″ 138
SOOW 16/2 16 2 26/30 0.030″ 0.060″ 0.37″ 81
SOOW 16/3 16 3 26/30 0.030″ 0.060″ 0.39″ 94
SOOW 16/4 16 4 26/30 0.030″ 0.060″ 0.42″ 118

the types of insualtion introduce

the types of insualtion introduce

What tests should do with insulators?

station post insulators routine Tests: Electrical Routine tests, Mechanical Routine tests, Visual examination and check for compliance. Sample Tests, insulators took at random from batches should take Verification of dimensions, Temperature cycle test, mechanical failing load test and so on.
Type Tests, thermal mechanical performance tests carried out under IEC 575: Dry lightning impulse and Wet power frequency withstand voltage test.

How to choose the reliable insulator manufacturers?

The manufacturer and supplier should have adequate disc type insulator resources and capacity to supply the best insulators for overhead lines.Checking what other people are saying about the insulators from a particular manufacturer. This is possible by reading the insulator reviews. To avoid the dead end pole or terminal pole fall, it should select the suitable types of stay insulators and pole line fittings.

Advantage of Porcelain insulator

Environmental friendly. At its disposal, the porcelain insulators is not dangerous waste
Giving a longer useful life in terms of loads generated by electric charges
In the dry state as electric insulation material has better electrical properties than the polymer
Higher resistance to degradation of the surface
Resistant to rodents, termites, birds and other animals capable of compromising the integrity
Suitable for extremely hot/cold changes in the environment
Better performance in high contamination areas
Consistent mechanical and electrical performance throughout the entire service life
Excellent impact resistance
Good resistance to soiling and flashover
Good shock resistance collision resist

The Suspension Insulator

“Suspension Insulator ” and “Strain” insulators are the same thing; when used in the vertical position (with the conductor hanging below) they are called “suspension Insulator “; when used in the horizontal, to dead-end a conductor, they are called “suspension insulator “.The Long rod, Class A, 33kV rated polymeric strain insulators of a composite material, that used on strain structures, complies with IEC 62223. The following table indicates the requirements: There are white porcelain insulators and brown porcelain insulators. Jingyoung spool insulators are all small porcelain insulators that are fit for the secondary clevis.

The Application Of Electical Wire

The Application Of Electical Wire

Electrical Wire is, as the name suggests, is wire that is used for electrical applications. This is because not all metals that are used in wires are really excellent conductors of electricity. So if your aim is am electrical application then the electric wire you want to go with is aluminium or copper based wire. There are all kinds of electrical wires for sale, it is possible for you to choose the suitable wire from a reliable supplier.  You can opt for pure copper or aluminium wires but a more economical option, especially for large electrical projects such as a power plant, copper or aluminium alloys will work just as well.

Before a wire is laid for use, it has to be made efficient for durable and sustainable application. This is usually referred to as drawing the wire. The aluminium or copper wire is drawn using breakdown lines with one or many intermediate anneals used to counter cold deformation.  Generally speaking, the professional building wire and cable suppliers can provide the electric wire that you need. Now, a wire is usually exposed to the elements and it is imperative that it does not change in its form when it is being used. Such alterations may lead to electrical malfunctions and sometimes electrical accidents which can be fatal. Therefore care is taken to ensure that the wire remains consistent by drawing it from the rod to final diameter using drawing lines. Most electric wires are electroplated with tin or nickel to limit oxidation and increase wire life.

high quality and cheap copper electrical wire

Use electrical wire for home wiring

Electrical wire is used in many applications and one use that is common to many is for home electrical wiring. In most homes the building is wired with electrical wires for all household needs. The cooker, the hot shower system and even the internet access all use electrical cables comprising electrical wires. All electronic devices in the home need to be connected to a power outlet and this is possible mainly due to the houses electrical wiring system. Mainly copper is used due to its unparalleled conducting properties. In the home, multi-conductor electric wires are used behind the walls of the structure and are mainly aimed at connecting heavy electronic appliances. So this is probably for your washer, dishwasher and fridge. If you want to know more information about electric wire application, just visit this page.

The wires are usually encased as one of them will be a live wire, the other a ground wire and a neutral wire. Single conductor electric wires are the most common as they are found in almost all commonly used electronics such as in phone chargers. They are very flexible and are suited for installation in small devices. If you want to buy wire for your house, feel free to contact us. We will send Huadong competitive house wire price list to you.

Use electrical wire for industrial project

Electrical wire is also used in industrial application. However the wires used in this case are metal-clad cable wire. The wires are encased in a spiral metal case which protects against any electrical fires that may occur.  The thhn solid wire and stranded wire are very common electric wire. If you need a lot of thhn wire, you can wholesale thhn wire with the best price.

All in all electrical wires are dangerous when connected to a power source and they should be encased to provide extra protection against electrical accidents. Use protective gloves when handling electrical wire and if unsure always seek the help of a licensed professional. If you want to buy low price electric wire, just visit

How To Find Low Price 10mm SWA Cable?

How To Find Low Price 10mm SWA Cable?

The success of all electronics projects and applications depends directly on the quality of the cables and accessories you use. This is why you always need to do a thorough market research before choosing your suppliers. This article shows you an easy method to find low price 10mm SWA cable.

factory price swa 10mm cable for sale

Search 10mm swa cable manufacturers online

The first thing you need to do is to perform an online search.  It matters less what search engine you use than the way you use it. Ideally, you should be able to come up with a good list of suppliers within a very short time. It will be low for armoured cable price from reliable suppliers, you’d better have a comparison. Most cable manufacturers are aware of the fact that their potential customers seek for their products online, so they invest in maintaining a good presence in search and on social media. Some of them have invested a lot of effort into creating detailed business pages on all major search engines. You’ll know what these business pages are at the first glance, as they have a special formatting which is more catchy than regular search results. Click here to get 16mm armoured cable for sale. These business pages have the great advantage of including client reviews and ratings, as well as lots of details about those manufacturers such as the type of SWA cable they have in stock, the shipping and delivery terms, and many other things you may find useful.

Compare the price of 10mm swa cable

If you need to find low price 10mm SWA cable, you have to be ready to find and compare multiple offers. You can’t buy from the first manufacturer you come across, as that’s not how you’re going to find the best deal. As a matter of fact, you should expand your search beyond the borders of your state and even outside the US. There are hundreds if not thousands of China cable manufacturers who deliver high-quality products while offering better commercial conditions than their local competitors. It will be low for armoured cable price from reliable suppliers, you’d better have a comparison. If you don’t mind buying from remote suppliers, you should definitely pay attention to the global trading directory listings you’re going to find among the search results. Here is a simple way to get 10mm swa cable price:

produce swa cable with low prices

judge the quality of 10mm swa cable

Once you have your candidates, contact all of them to ask for client references. You need to check out the quality of their cable by getting in touch with some of their other customers. Like this, you’ll know what to expect before signing the agreement with your provider of choice. Furthermore, this is perhaps the most effective way to weed out unreliable manufacturers or retailers who sell low-quality cable. You can also buy low price xlpe swa cable, which is one of the hot sale product of armoured cable.

The last step is to ask everyone for a quote and to compare these quotes side by side. The winner doesn’t have to be the one who offers you the 10mm SWA cable you need at the lowest price. It may as well be the one who offers you a better warranty or better shipping and delivery terms. If you need to talk with those manufacturers face-to-face before making your final choice, you may want to invite them to have a quick chat over Skype. Some of them may even offer to send you some cable samples. Either way, you’ll probably make the best deal possible, as this is a bullet-proof strategy to find the best manufacturers. Now huadong 10mm armoured cable price is waiting for you.

The Main Application For High Temperature Wire

The Main Application For High Temperature Wire

If you are in need of high temperature wire, and you don’t know where you are going to get it, you may as well search for it on the web. There are companies that are able to provide you with this type of wire which can handle higher temperatures than most of the others. Huadong Cable Group is a professional high temperature wire supplier in China. If you want to buy this wire, we are your good choice. We believe that Huadong high temperature wire price will satisfy you. Just send your inquiry.

On the outside, they have been treated with some type of a Teflon glass material. It is going to be UL approved. They can be rated for as high as 600 V, and the copper wire is unique because it is tinned, nickel or silver plated. This will allow it to maintain high levels of conductivity without compromising the flow.  Our silver teflon wire is very famous. If you need this cable, just leave your message, we will give you the best silver teflon wire quotation. This is always going to be used with internal wiring circuitry and equipment such as appliances and standard electrical equipment that is found in homes and offices around the world. Here are some of the main applications for high temperature wire that you may need to use this wire for on your next job.

low price heat resistant wire for sale

Why Would You Need High Temperature Wire?

This type of wire is used in situations where the exterior surrounding area can be at a much higher temperature than normal. Likewise, when you are running a substantial amount of voltage through the wire, he needs to maintain its integrity. That is why they will use the different components that have been mentioned because it will create the perfect stable situation. In the market, teflon wire is a famous high temperature wire. Owing to its superior performance, there are a lot of teflon wire manufacturers in the world. If you haven’t use this before, you will need to find a company that sells it. There will be ways for you to get this done.

How Long Will It Take To Get This Type Of Wire?

At a local store, you could simply pick it up. It would be available the same day. If ordering overseas, give them a week or more for it to be packaged and delivered. You might wonder why you would actually want to order it from a different country. It has to do with the price. If you want to buy low price high temperature wire, just click here. Despite the delay, it is one of the best things you can do if you would like to save money and get access to some of the best high temperature wire that is sold.

Ways To Make Sure You Get The Right Wire

To make sure that you get the right wire, you need to compare the specs on all of the different websites that you find it on. If you can do this, this will increase the probability that you are ordering the right cable for the job. After all so many high temperature wire suppliers online. If you can find a couple businesses that are selling different kind of high heat wire, such as PTFE, FEP, PFA and so on. You can choose low price ptfe wire or etfe cable according to your requirements. This cable can give you a general idea of who is charging the least amount of money. Consider the type of material they are using, making sure that it does have Teflon on the exterior as a sheath to make it viable in high temperature situations.

Ordering high temperature wire is something that is very easy to accomplish. You will have the ability to do this any day of the week. They should be able to package it and ship it within the next few days, or the same day if that’s what you have requested. The prices that you pay for this will be much lower when ordering from countries like China. This is a great country to begin with. It is likely that the cost of production will be lower which means you will pay less for what could be the most superior high temperature wire on the market. If you want to buy low price high temperature wire, just visit

The Best 2.5MM Twin And Earth Cable Installation Ideas

The Best 2.5MM Twin And Earth Cable Installation Ideas

Would you like to invest in 2.5 twin and earth cable for your next job? It might be necessary to connect these two certain industrial or commercial products. These are individually insulated conductors, specifically a couple of them that will deliver the electricity and another one will act as a protective conductor that is not insulated. These are different from standard cables and that the exterior PVC layer may not necessarily be grey as it typically is. It will be a white color, one that is representative of a low amount of smoke, also known as OHLS. To get these for a job that you will soon be doing, this is what you need to do.

2.5mm twin and earth cable free sample

Why Are These Used?

These are used in a couple different ways. First of all, they are going to be implemented when connecting domestic wiring. It is one of the most common cables that is used. It is also a low smoke and fume cable, one that will deal very well with emergency situations. When you look at the different products out there, try to find one that has excellent specs. Look at the size, whether or not they are stranded, and if utilizing them is going to need to a much more safer environment. You can have more knowing about  twin & earth cable 2.5 mm here:

OHLS Twin and Earth Cable

These can do a couple other things that many other cables cannot. First of all, they can minimize the amount of toxic fumes that can be dispersed when there is an exceedingly high electrical charge. When you are facing an emergency, you will know that there will be a reduced amount of toxic gases and smoke that will be released. If you have ever used 6242Y cable before, you will know that this is a very relevant example. This website you can learn more information about twin and earth cable.

cheap 2.5 mm twin and earth cable manufacturers with huge scale

How To Obtain These Online For Less

These online is easier than ever before because this is how many companies operate. You can find electrical wire supply and manufacturers with low electricity wire price online. They will have a website, showcasing their products, and then they will give you discounts with bulk orders. The shipping will simply depend on where you live. It may also have to do with how much you are ordering at that one time. For example, if you are placing an initial order for a substantial amount of this cable, it is possible they may offer you a discount because you are spending so much money. As a professional twin and earth cable manufacturers, we would like to provide you 10mm twin and earth cable quotation with reasonable huadong prices.

If you do need to get these quickly, you might want to check locally first. However, you are not going to get a good deal. If you want 2.5MM FTE cable, or something that is similar, you can find this Twin and Earth cable at many stores locally and overseas. The order that you place will have a lot to do with the cost of shipping and when it will actually be shipped out to you. In most cases, you will have the ability to start saving a lot of money on these cables which are exceptional. You will also have the ability to make more money on each job due to the low cost of these cables. Above all, I hope you can get a cheap price of 6mm twin and earth cable from reliable manufacturers.

Strategies For Locating Reliable Welding Cable Suppliers

Strategies For Locating Reliable Welding Cable Suppliers

Businesses that are responsible for welding many different components together will use welding cables. These are the electric cables, the ones that will supply the power to the device that you are using to world. One of them is going to connect to what is called an electrode holder. The other is going to connect to the device itself. These are typically made of some type of nonconductive material on the outside, concealing the copper strands of wire on the inside that will deliver the electricity that is needed. There are a couple ways that you can locate welding cable manufacturers that will have excellent deals on this type of cable.

Where Most People Get This Type Of Cable

You can go to a local home improvement store that will have this available. It is typically going to be in smaller amounts. On the other hand, purchasing large quantities of welding cable can be done by contacting overseas companies. Huadong cheap welding cable is very famous in the world.These businesses are likely to have cable that is rated for 125 A, and could be 30% duty cycle certified. They can be used with any type of generator welder, or a stick welder, plus they can be useful as work leads on other devices.

best welding cable

Tips On Finding Companies That Produce Large Quantities Of This Cable

The cables that you can purchase from overseas rubber cable suppliers are going to be quite large. They will have a multitude of different cables that are for all different types of electrical applications. If you do need a large amount of this for the stick or generator welders for your company, placing a larger order can help you save money on this altogether. We have large quantities welding cable for sale, feel free to click here . Another possibility is that you could find a business that is going to have outlets near you. They may have satellite stores, but it is highly probable that the cost of this cable at those locations will not be nearly as inexpensive as ordering directly from the manufacturer.

How To Get This As Quickly As Possible

Businesses that need to obtain this cable quickly could shop locally. For example, if you want to buy h05rn f cable from overseas company, you need to consider the delivery and time. That is probably a decision that should be made if it is needed to finish h05rn f cable project for the day. However, expedited shipping from overseas companies might be a little more difficult to access. That is because of the distance that is often between those that order these cables from thousands of miles away. You can speak with representatives of the businesses that sell them to see if they are able to deliver in the next few weeks. You need to ask for 2 awg welding cable price list and get quotes on the cost of shipping. These assessments can help you decide on which businesses will be the best for obtaining this welding cable that you need for your company.

As you assess the different businesses that sell this, make sure that these are high quality copper cables, ones that will have a durable flexible rubber coating on the outside. Whether you are using this for work leads, or as an electrode for your generator and stick welders, it should be designed to last and carry a proper amount of current and voltage. As long as they are rated for the amount of amperage that you need, you should place your order to have it shipped soon. Businesses that you assess properly will always provide you with the best products, and this is also true when ordering from a reliable welding cable supplier. If you want to know more, just visit the website

Learn How to Find Instrumentation Cable Manufacturers

Learn How to Find Instrumentation Cable Manufacturers

Finding the right instrumentation cable manufacturers is challenging because there are so many manufacturers. It is important to do a thorough research before choosing a manufacturer. The best instrumentation cable manufacturers are reliable. They make the best cables. They have the best customer service. And they are affordable.

Avoid instrumentation cable manufacturers you do not know or trust. A good manufacturer saves time and money. So if you want to get the discount cable instrumentation with low price, just follow this.

The following are the best ways for finding the best instrumentation cable manufacturers.

instrumentation cable


Firstly, there are several websites that have a list of different manufacturers. They rank these manufacturers. You can easily find these websites by doing a simple search on your favorite search engine.

Visit these websites and check the list of their manufacturers.

Do they have instrumentation cable manufacturers? If they have them, visit the website of each manufacturer. Check out their location, and their prices. There is one thing you should know, instrumentation cable can be divided into many types such as, pai cable, triad cable and so on. So you should consider this, you can have huadong triad cable for a reference,

Do not choose a manufacturer that does not have a website. Learn as much as you can about a manufacturer before selecting it.

Read their online reviews. The best instrumentation cable manufacturers get good reviews. Hire them. There is another thing you should know, the core will influence the price, here is 10 core shielded cable for reference:


Look for the best instrumentation cable manufacturers that are located near you. A manufacturer that is located near you is the best because it reduces a lot of costs.

For example, it reduces transport cost because you won’t spend a lot of money traveling to the offices of the manufacturer.

You can easily check the manpower, equipment, and tools of a close manufacturer. You will know if the manufacturer can easily handle your orders. I think it will be more helpful if you want to buy discount multipair cable.

Check the number of customers that the manufacturer has. Do not choose a manufacturer that has a lot of customers because the manufacturer will take a long time to complete your order.

Ask Around

Talk to business owners. They may know other business owners who know the best instrumentation cable manufacturers. Therefore, these people will recommend the right manufacturer. In fact, they have worked with several manufacturers so they know the best ones. As we all know, instrumentation cable is similar with control cable,  so professional flexible control cable suppliers may produce instrumentation too. You can pay attention to.

They may even tell you to avoid certain instrumentation cable manufacturers. Do not use them. Stick with manufacturers that highly recommended.

professional instrumentation cable manufacturer


Do not choose the first instrumentation cable manufacturers you will find. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will find several manufacturers. Ask these manufacturers for references. The best manufacturers are not afraid of sharing their references.

Call their current and previous clients. Some of these clients are not afraid of saying the truth. Therefore, they will tell you their experience with the manufacturer. If they had a good experience with the manufacturer, you will know.

If they had a bad experience with a certain manufacturer, do not hire that manufacturer. Stick with manufacturers that have a lot of satisfied clients.  Shielded instrument cable manufacturer huadong owns over 15 years of export experience, so you can consider it.

These are the best ways for finding the best instrumentation cable manufacturers. The best instrumentation cable manufacturers have a good reputation. They have a lot of satisfied clients. They are affordable. They get good reviews on the internet. And they have the best customer service. Avoid instrumentation cable manufacturers you do not know or trust.

Where To Buy An Armored Cable

Where To Buy An Armored Cable

If you’re planning on purchasing an armored cable, you have a few important decisions to make. One of the things you’ll have to figure out is when you want to buy armoured cable. If you don’t know where to buy your cable, and you are looking for advice, try some of the suggestions below.

Find A Vendor With Fair Prices

Armored cables are a fairly significant purchase. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you don’t pay any more than you have to. You should check out different vendors so that you can find an armoured cable suppliers with the best price.

You should aim to buy high quality cables, and you should also try to buy affordable cables. Try to get excellent cables for a fair price.

It’s a wise idea to compare rates so that you can see what different vendors charge. When comparing rates, you should make sure you’re looking at all potential expenses. For example, you’ll want to see the cost of armoured cable that you’ll have to pay.

Look For A Vendor That Has The Products You Want

If you know what you want to buy, you should look for a vendor that can give you the kinds of products you want. Getting the things you want shouldn’t be a problem for you.

picture of low price armored cable

If you’re not sure what you want, you should look for a vendor that has a large selection of products. You find a vendor that offers all kinds of different cables. For example, if you choose us, you can get  Huadong cheap swa cable and unarmured cable. Then you should be able to find a number of cables that appeal to you.

Prioritize Customer Service

You should make sure your vendor will treat you well. You know that the quality of  armoured cable is very important. For example, the PVC and other insulation have great deal with the products. If you have an issue with your shipment, you should know that the vendor will resolve that issue for you.

Customer service is more important than a lot of people think. If a vendor has excellent customer service, you won’t have to worry about minor issues. You’ll know that all problems, big and small, will be taken care of for you. Almost of our customers choose this products as low price underground cable. They all satisfy with our products and service.

Talk to other people that have worked with the vendors you’re considering. Find out what it’s like to work with this particular vendor. Find a vendor that treats their customers very well.

Buy From A Trusted Vendor

You should make sure you can trust the vendor that you use. You should look for a vendor that has an excellent track record. You should make sure you can count on your vendor to deliver the product you have purchased to you.

armoured cable suppliers

When you’re deciding where to buy your cable, you can’t just look at products and prices. You also need to look at the vendor’s reputation. Find a vendor that you can put your faith in. If you want to find a reliable armoured  cable supplier, just choose huadong and visit the website

Take your time if you are trying to decide where to buy an armored cable. If you rush your decision, you might be disappointed with the choice that you make. Think carefully before you make a purchase. If you show some caution, you should wind up with a cable that you’re satisfied with. Do you want to know more? just click here.

How about the price of the acsr panther conductor?

How about the price of the acsr panther conductor?

How Much Do ACSR Panther Conductors Cost?

Aluminum conductors steel reinforced cables are one of the most common products that are used by industrial electrical companies. Those that are in charge of maintaining power lines are going to use this on a regular basis. There are many different types to choose from, including what is called the ACSR Panther conductor. This is one of the top rated aluminum conductors steel reinforced cables that are produced today. Let’s discuss a little more about them, and then discuss how you can find these at an affordable price. What’s more, you should judge if is it your wanted product according to acsr panther conductor specification. You should know it very well.

acsr panther conductor

How Do These Rank With Other ACSRs?

When you see the list of all of the ACSR conductors that are sold, you will notice that this particular one is one of the larger units. It is rated at 200 on the cond area scale, and it uses a substantial amount of aluminum in its construction. It is designed for extremely high voltage wires, ones that must send a substantial amount of current. You can actually identify these based upon the configuration of the wires inside of the cable. You will see that there are a substantial number of them, each of which is going to deliver electrical current on the exterior of the wire. Huadong aluminium conductor steel reinforced cable not only had the high-quality, and we can also provide you the exact way to installation.

How Are These Insulated?

Inside of the cable, when looking at the wires with a cross-section, you are going to see multiple wires all bundled together. What is unique about the way this is done is the geometric figure that is inside, seemingly based upon a hexagonal format. It is the best way to structure these wires so that maximum amounts of electricity can be sent along them to their destination. On the outside, they are insulated with a nonconductive material which not only protects workers, but also protects the wires from getting wet and inadvertently discharging. You can visit here to get the  producing process video of acsr panther conductor.

professional acsr panther conductor manufacturer

Where Can You Purchase These?

As with any of these aluminum conductors steel reinforced cables, they will come from companies that manufacture them. Some of them are going to be overseas, whereas many others could be domestic. You need to compare the prices for all of the businesses, and subsequently look at the ratings. YOu can visit here to get the low acsr cable price: that are recommended to you may also be of value. Once you have those that provide the lowest prices, you can then order from them. If they have a distribution site, or a manufacturing site that is nearby you can pick them up there. It’s always good to have multiple sources for these cables in case one company runs out. This will allow you to continually do your business without worrying about a lack of having a product. Huadong is one of the conductor manufacturers, we can provide you the high-quality acsr panther conductor.

ACSR Panther conductors have extremely high tensile strength. They are lightweight, easy to install, and made with the most pure aluminum available. It is because of this that they are used in many different projects that require lots of current and voltage. They are excellent conductors, and because they are lightweight, they make it easier to use them when installing new towers and doing repairs. You should be able to find a couple companies that are selling them, one of which will have them at an affordable price. To get an exact price, you simply need to contact representatives of the companies that sell them to get the latest quote. According the acsr panther conductor price list in the acsr market , you can find huadong acsr panther conductor has the price advantage.