The Application Of Electical Wire

The Application Of Electical Wire

Electrical Wire is, as the name suggests, is wire that is used for electrical applications. This is because not all metals that are used in wires are really excellent conductors of electricity. So if your aim is am electrical application then the electric wire you want to go with is aluminium or copper based wire. There are all kinds of electrical wires for sale, it is possible for you to choose the suitable wire from a reliable supplier.  You can opt for pure copper or aluminium wires but a more economical option, especially for large electrical projects such as a power plant, copper or aluminium alloys will work just as well.

Before a wire is laid for use, it has to be made efficient for durable and sustainable application. This is usually referred to as drawing the wire. The aluminium or copper wire is drawn using breakdown lines with one or many intermediate anneals used to counter cold deformation.  Generally speaking, the professional building wire and cable suppliers can provide the electric wire that you need. Now, a wire is usually exposed to the elements and it is imperative that it does not change in its form when it is being used. Such alterations may lead to electrical malfunctions and sometimes electrical accidents which can be fatal. Therefore care is taken to ensure that the wire remains consistent by drawing it from the rod to final diameter using drawing lines. Most electric wires are electroplated with tin or nickel to limit oxidation and increase wire life.

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Use electrical wire for home wiring

Electrical wire is used in many applications and one use that is common to many is for home electrical wiring. In most homes the building is wired with electrical wires for all household needs. The cooker, the hot shower system and even the internet access all use electrical cables comprising electrical wires. All electronic devices in the home need to be connected to a power outlet and this is possible mainly due to the houses electrical wiring system. Mainly copper is used due to its unparalleled conducting properties. In the home, multi-conductor electric wires are used behind the walls of the structure and are mainly aimed at connecting heavy electronic appliances. So this is probably for your washer, dishwasher and fridge. If you want to know more information about electric wire application, just visit this page.

The wires are usually encased as one of them will be a live wire, the other a ground wire and a neutral wire. Single conductor electric wires are the most common as they are found in almost all commonly used electronics such as in phone chargers. They are very flexible and are suited for installation in small devices. If you want to buy wire for your house, feel free to contact us. We will send Huadong competitive house wire price list to you.

Use electrical wire for industrial project

Electrical wire is also used in industrial application. However the wires used in this case are metal-clad cable wire. The wires are encased in a spiral metal case which protects against any electrical fires that may occur.  The thhn solid wire and stranded wire are very common electric wire. If you need a lot of thhn wire, you can wholesale thhn wire with the best price.

All in all electrical wires are dangerous when connected to a power source and they should be encased to provide extra protection against electrical accidents. Use protective gloves when handling electrical wire and if unsure always seek the help of a licensed professional. If you want to buy low price electric wire, just visit

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