Application of felxible welding cable

Application of felxible welding cable

The operation of copper welding cable

The copper armored cable that laid in tunnel, soil, and bridge should be inspected regularly. In case of external damage, you should check the location of the line. The terminal head of the welding cable for sale can be checked according to the operation condition and strengthen inspection and cleaning of the cable end head in the pollute area. The copper armored cable that laid in the ground should be checked the condition of marks. If there is such a situation, the inspection should be strengthened and protective measures should be taken. What’s more, the acid discharge of building materials should not be piled on the cable road. The copper armoured cable that connected outdoor and overhead cable, you should check whether terminal head is clean.

The inspection of copper 95mm cable

And you check the following parts: whether there is a crack in the cable lead package, whether the cable near the ground has been collided, etc. The multiple copper armoured cable is running in parallel to check the current distribution and the temperature of the outer skin of the cable, so as to prevent the cable from overloading. In principle, overloaded operation is forbidden. In addition, you should check whether the welding cable price philippines position in the tunnel or cable trench is normal, whether the joint is deformed or leaking, whether the temperature is normal, and whether the ventilation and drainage facility is perfect.

The maintaining of copper 50mm welding cable

In order to prevent damage of copper wire armoured cable when excavate on the cable lines, there must be professionals in the field to monitor and protect the cables. In addition, don’t forget measure the grounding resistance and insulation resistance of welding cable price. Cleaning up the water, sludge, and other things, ensure that the trench is clean and free of water.  Especially after the copper armored cable protection has been uncovered, the surface layer should be gently dug off with a more blunt tool. More attention should be paid to excavating the earth with a forklift truck at all times to prevent shovel damage to the copper armoured cable. What’s more, clean in-and-out door copper armoured cable porcelain casing and terminal head.

And check whether there is moisture in terminal head, lead wire contact is good or mot. If contact isn’t good, handle cleaning cable support and cable clamp, repair cable protective pipe. We are adhering high quality 70mm welding cable and best service to make our Huadong be famous all over the world. Thanks for your supporting and trusting! Huadong Cable Group welcomes your inquiry and visiting, we are at your service! Also, the copper armored cable in the tunnel and unfilled cable trench should be check the fire prevention facility are perfect, and whether the wall between the outdoor and indoor cable trench is intact.